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Managing Micromanagement
Julie Adamen wrote this article on the challenges to an association manager of Board micromanaging.

Workers Compensation Insurance Requirement
Association and Management Company Found Liable in Association Worker's Compensation Case
New Court Decision on Workers Compensation Insurance Requirement for Associations.

Postal Service Regulations Regarding Cluster Mailbox Maintenance & Replacement
David May wrote this article on responsibilities concerning cluster mailboxes on association property.

Why Associations Need D & O Liability Insurance
We certainly encourage you to obtain directors and officers liability coverage. Let’s look at what can trigger a lawsuit, which will require D & O coverage to protect the association.

Why Vendors and Contractors Need Worker's Compensation Insurance
Richard Beskin, CPCM, CIC & Roy Beskin, CIC wrote to our client communities reasons why they must insist that vendors have Worker's Compensation insurance (among other coverages).

About Resale Packages
Early disclosure of association information provides guidelines and allows buyers to be fully informed regarding their pending purchase.

Budget Planning
Where do you start to balance the needs of your association to the funds available? Reading this article is a great first-step.

Why Associations Need Replacement Reserves
Setting aside funds to replace aging components is as important as as the need to repair them. This article discusses the philosophy and process of replacement reserves.

About License Requirements
Stephen Merritt, CPA, recently researched IRS and state requirements for licenses, certificates, and taxation. This letter explains their importance.

To Our Client Communities
Bernie Grablowsky, President of United Property Associates, describes the ways UPA provides superior service in this open letter to our client communities.

Reducing Disaster Damage
Protecting your community from the effects of unforeseen emergencies takes only a few minutes of preparation. Follow these simple steps to minimized damage.


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